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Local Programs

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Scholarship Cotillion

The Iota Zeta Omega Scholarship Cotillion Program was established in 1978 with the aim of recognizing and celebrating Black high school seniors while providing support for their future post-secondary education. It continues to be a meaningful tradition that highlights the achievements of young scholars in our community.  Our program has expanded its reach in recent years through a collaboration with the Iowa Ivy Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. We now offer college-preparedness workshops, additional scholarship opportunities, and community service programs. We are excited to continue making a positive impact in our community.  

The Scholarship Cotillion Program is excited to announce a special program in 2024 that will recognize high school seniors and juniors. This program is designed to enhance our pipeline for future participants. For more information on how to get involved please click below:

Martin Luther King, Jr. Expungement Clinic

Iota Zeta Omega, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., came up with a great idea to host an annual expungement clinic on January 15. Since 2023, the chapter has partnered with Iowa Legal Aid to help more Iowans expunge their records, get court debt relief, and obtain a valid driver's license. The clinic also provides voter registration information and mental health resources to registrants.  In 2023, the clinic had 15 attorney volunteers, served 73 clients, expunged 106 records, and created 29 court restitutions payment plans.  


For more information about the 2024 expungement clinic please click below:

Additional local community programs include:

  • The Festival of Trees and Lights

  • AKA Day at the Capitol

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